Asian Institute of Event Management Kolkata

How to Leverage Your Alum Network for Event Management Job Opportunities?

May 6, 2024

Building connections with alums can provide access to career-boosting opportunities in event management. From job referrals to industry mentors, alum networks offer invaluable benefits. Strategically engaging these links can unlock your next big career break. Here are some tips for leveraging your alum network for event management job opportunities: Choose a Reputable Event Management Institute: […]

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How to Secure a Summer Internship in Event Management: A Step-by-Step Guide

April 27, 2024

Pursuing an event management degree is a great start, but real-world experience is the key to excelling in this fast-paced industry. Summer internships enable you to apply classroom concepts, learn new skills, and expand your professional community. Here are broad steps to get a summer internship: Build a Strong Foundation: Before applying, develop well-rounded competencies. […]

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Internships in Event Management: How to Land Your Dream Placement

April 19, 2024

An internship is the perfect way to get first-hand experience for those who want to build a career in event management. Internships offer invaluable opportunities to gain practical skills, expand your professional network, and get a taste of your role. Here are some tips to land your dream event planning internship. Enroll in Event Management […]

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Event Safety and Security: A Comprehensive Guide for Student Planners

April 12, 2024

Organizing events is a great learning opportunity for students enrolled in event management programs. But, of course, it’s far from easy. Security is one of the key considerations when planning any event. Keeping attendees safe should be the top priority for any student event planner. Whether organizing a small get-together or a large festival, taking […]

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Sponsorship 101: Securing Funding for Your Student-Run Events

April 6, 2024

You’re taking the best event management certificate course in Kolkata. And you’re excited to apply what you’re learning in practice. However, organizing successful events requires one key ingredient: funding. Sponsorships can cover costs and elevate events. But how do you get people to invest in your events? Here are a few tips: Know Your Event […]

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