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5 Common Misconceptions About Event Management Careers

May 31, 2024

You’ve heard so many things about a career in event management. But which of them is true? And which ones are myths? Understanding the truths from misconceptions will help you make the right choices, including: Whether a career in event management is right for you What paths should you choose What kind of lifestyle as […]

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10 Signs That Event Management Might Be Your Calling

May 24, 2024

You’ve heard great things about a career in event management. It’s fun, exciting, and highly rewarding. But how do you know this path is for you? Here are ten signs that say event management might be your ultimate career calling: 1. You Thrive Under Pressure Performing smoothly under high pressure is key when pulling off […]

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10 Different Career Paths in Event Management

May 17, 2024

A career in event management is exciting. Why? How? Among various reasons, you also get many different paths to choose from. So, based on your interests and preferences, you can find a path that is equally enjoyable and rewarding. Here are seven popular career paths you can explore after completing your diploma in event management: […]

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7 Networking Tactics for Event Management Students

May 10, 2024

A strong network can open a whole new world of career opportunities. This is especially true in dynamic and relation-driven industries like event management. Cultivating meaningful industry relationships early on can set you apart from other aspiring professionals. As event management students looking to get ahead, here’s a practical breakdown of seven networking tips to […]

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How to Leverage Your Alum Network for Event Management Job Opportunities?

May 6, 2024

Building connections with alums can provide access to career-boosting opportunities in event management. From job referrals to industry mentors, alum networks offer invaluable benefits. Strategically engaging these links can unlock your next big career break. Here are some tips for leveraging your alum network for event management job opportunities: Choose a Reputable Event Management Institute: […]

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