Asian Institute of Event Management Kolkata

Ethics in Event Management: Key Principles for Aspiring Professionals

June 30, 2024

Events built on ethical choices earn trust and respect over time. In event planning, integrity should not be an afterthought but a guiding compass. Understanding core values now prepares aspiring leaders to steer this industry toward a brighter future. Here are some foundational ethical practices every event management professional must align with: Building Trust through […]

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Key Roles in the Event Management Industry: Who Does What?

June 26, 2024

When attending a well-run event, it’s easy to overlook the coordination behind the scenes that creates a flawless experience. From strategic planning to on-site execution, event pros with diverse expertise unite to create success. Let’s look at some of the key roles critical to managing stellar events. Event Planners Event planners are the master strategists […]

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The Business Side of Events: Understanding Event Economics

June 18, 2024

Events require more strategic planning than just getting people together for a good time. The business and financial aspects can deeply shape an event’s success. Whether it’s a music festival, corporate seminar, or a charity gala, organizers need to understand core economic drivers like budgeting, revenue streams, and ROI. Let’s understand some key aspects of […]

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Technology in Events: How Digital Tools are Shaping the Industry

June 8, 2024

Technology has become deeply integrated into the event planning process. What used to be managed with paper checklists is now powered by digital tools at every step. It’s now hard to imagine pulling off a large conference or live concert without the right tech backbone. Events are becoming more efficient, engaging, and interactive thanks to […]

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5 Common Misconceptions About Event Management Careers

May 31, 2024

You’ve heard so many things about a career in event management. But which of them is true? And which ones are myths? Understanding the truths from misconceptions will help you make the right choices, including: Whether a career in event management is right for you What paths should you choose What kind of lifestyle as […]

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