How to Leverage Your Alum Network for Event Management Job Opportunities?

May 6, 2024

Building connections with alums can provide access to career-boosting opportunities in event management.

From job referrals to industry mentors, alum networks offer invaluable benefits.

Strategically engaging these links can unlock your next big career break.

Here are some tips for leveraging your alum network for event management job opportunities:

Choose a Reputable Event Management Institute:

When selecting an event management institute, evaluate the alum ecosystem.

Seek out programs with esteemed graduate networks actively contributing to student success.

Leading institutes facilitate opportunities to mingle with alums at mixers, conferences, and online forums.

A vibrant, well-connected alum community can accelerate your career in countless ways.

Get Active in Alumni Groups:

Upon graduating, immediately join your college’s alum association and any related event management subgroups.

Actively participate in their LinkedIn channels, Facebook groups, and other platforms.

Share relevant articles, provide thoughtful comments, and establish your expertise.

Strong visibility and value-add interactions within these circles can lead to mentorships, job referrals, and other openings.

Attend Alumni Networking Events:

Leading institutes organize various alum events — panel talks, mixers, career fairs, and more.

Make it a priority to participate and intentionally expand your network.

Come prepared with updated resumes, 30-second intro pitches, and a genuine interest in connecting.

These occasions allow you to gain industry insights, discover job leads, and build relationships — potentially turning contacts into mentors.

Seek Out Mentorship Opportunities:

Identify established alums in event management roles and reach out for mentorship.

Many are eager to pay it forward by sharing hard-won lessons and guiding aspiring managers.

Request informational interviews to understand their career journeys.

Over time, meaningful mentor relationships can open doors through referrals and recommendations.

Conduct Informational Interviews:

Reach out to alums thriving in event roles that interest you. Request informational interviews to learn about their career journeys—lessons learned, skills most valued, overcoming obstacles, and more.

Come prepared with thoughtful questions and respect their time.

These conversations provide priceless guidance to help you chart your own career path wisely.

Remember to express gratitude and nurture the relationship beyond the interview.

Collaborate on Alumni Projects:

Seek out opportunities to volunteer for alum-led events, fundraisers, or conferences. Offer your skills to assist alum organizers with these projects.

Contributing allows you to apply classroom learning, gain practical experience, and expand your professional community.

Working alongside experienced event managers also enables valuable mentoring.

Don't hesitate to propose ideas for alum initiatives matching your interests. Taking the initiative shows leadership and builds relationships.

Pay It Forward:

As you progress in event management, actively give back to the alum ecosystem that empowered you.

Share job openings with juniors, provide mentorship, and participate in campus events as a speaker.

Contributing your insights and lifting others strengthens the community while keeping valuable connections alive.

The Takeaways:

Connecting with your alum network through strategic engagement can benefit your event management career.

Now, while building authentic relationships takes time, the rewards are unparalleled.

As you grow professionally, remember to leverage and nourish your alum network through continuous involvement.

With these mutually beneficial connections bolstering you, your career prospects will shine bright.