Networking 101: How to Build Connections in the Event Industry as a Student

March 7, 2024

Building connections in the event industry is key for aspiring students looking to succeed in this dynamic field.

Networking provides access to internships, jobs, and valuable advice from seasoned professionals.

Learning relationship-building early sets a strong foundation for a high-flying career.

Here are some of the tips to help you establish robust networks as you continue your studies at an event management college:

Attend Industry Events:

Industry events like conferences, trade shows, and seminars offer excellent opportunities to connect with professionals and learn the latest industry trends.

Research what’s coming up locally and attend as many events as possible.

Strike up conversations, ask thoughtful questions, and exchange contact info.

Remember, every interaction is a chance to make a solid impression.

Volunteer at Events:

Volunteering at local events provides hands-on experience and networking with organizers and vendors. Reach out to event companies or non-profits to offer assistance.

You’ll build skills while expanding professional relationships.

Volunteering showcases your abilities, drive, and passion.

Plus, it’s also a chance to observe experienced pros in action.

Leverage Alum Connections:

Your college’s alum network offers a pool of rich connections.

Colleges offering top event management courses in Kolkata enable outreach to successful industry alums.

Attend alum events, join online forums, and request informational interviews or mentorship.

Alums often eagerly assist students from their alma mater with advice and introductions.

Leverage Social Media:

Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are prime for networking in events.

Build a professional profile, follow influencers, and chat on their posts.

Join groups and discuss trends. Share your experiences and ideas. Work to become an active community member.

Social media allows you to connect with event management experts globally and stay on top of the latest happenings.

Do Informational Interviews:

Informational interviews are casual chats with event professionals to pick their brains.

Reach out to those you find interesting and ask for a short meeting or call.

Prepare thoughtful questions about their career path, challenges they faced, and their best advice for up-and-comers.

These chats provide an insider perspective and may lead to mentorship opportunities down the road.

Hit Networking Events:

Aside from industry meetups, attend general networking gatherings around town.

These bring all types of professionals together for a broader net.

Polish your elevator pitch, a quick intro on you and your goals.

Most importantly, be open to diverse conversations. You never know where a rewarding opportunity may come from.

Nurture Your Network:

Making connections is step one, but nurturing them is just as key.

Circle back with your new contacts to thank them and follow up.

Share relevant articles, congratulate their wins, and offer help when you can.

Maintaining bonds takes effort but pays dividends long term.

Checking in keeps you top of mind for opportunities and builds lasting bonds.

Networking as a student requires proactivity, patience, and a genuine interest in people. You’ll build a sturdy base for your budding career by taking these steps and steadily nurturing your links.

Remember, every connection holds the potential to shape your future in this dynamic industry.