Completed Your Events Management Course? Here’s What To Do Now

February 13, 2024

You just completed your events management course. And you're ready for a high-flying career.

But hold on!

Before you rush to sign up for the first job that comes your way, you should do a few things to ensure the very first step in your career is in the right direction.

Here's what you need to do.

Internship at a Big Company:

Gaining hands-on experience at a large, established events company can provide practical insights into the real-world complexities of this industry.

Working alongside experienced professionals exposes you to the moving parts behind major events.

An internship teaches you about team collaboration, thinking on your feet when things go bad, and managing various stakeholders' interests.

This arms you with well-rounded skills that classes alone cannot replicate.

Get Recommendations:

Earning credible recommendations from professors and industry veterans can boost your resume. Their positive words validate your competencies and work ethic in areas like creative problem-solving, leadership, and organizational abilities.

Hiring managers take such expert opinions seriously when evaluating applicants.

Moreover, respected/renowned voices advocating for your candidacy make you appear as a more promising talent worth interviewing. It enhances your employability.

Use Your College's Alumni Network:

If you’ve studied at any of the best colleges for event management, you have an unfair advantage of a strong alum network. It can open up possibilities that might otherwise be out of reach.

Alum volunteers are often eager to advise aspiring entrants about the field's nitty-gritty, share hands-on stories, and connect you with their colleagues.

This friendly community can offer insider perspectives about various event management niches and career trajectories.

Building rapport with alums can lead to valuable mentoring tie-ups, insider job leads, and a support framework as you enter this exciting industry.

Build Your Online Presence:

Building an online persona gives potential employers a window into your competencies and passion for event planning.

A polished LinkedIn profile functions as your digital CV and can spotlight info like specific course projects, internships, and volunteering gigs.

Additionally, an updated portfolio website with well-documented planning notes, photos, and videos effectively showcases your contributions to past events.

The goal is to craft a compelling narrative about your dedication to building a career in this domain. Use these platforms strategically to advance your employability cause.

Decide on a Specialization:

Choosing a focal area of expertise allows you to play to your strengths while addressing specific industry needs.

For instance, if large-scale corporate events excite you, develop sharper skills in that direction.

Or, if you dream of planning glamorous social events and weddings, gear up accordingly.

Specializing makes you stand out from generalists when applying for relevant openings.

As an added plus, you can charge premium rates over time for your niche services as an established expert.

Final Thoughts

Starting a career in events management promises exciting experiences if you play your cards right.

How much you grow in this fast-paced industry depends significantly on the steps you take early on as a professional.

So, use this transitionary period after graduation to actively explore your interests, build your network, and continually strengthen your capabilities.

With the right building blocks in place and a passion for event excellence, you can move confidently to a rewarding career.