6 Online Event Ideas For Event Management Students

March 22, 2024

Just because you’re still studying doesn’t mean you should keep yourself from hands-on experience. Sure, the best event management certificate course in Kolkata will teach you well. However, what will position you for better career success is if you can plan and execute successful events during your college days. The good thing is that while organizing in-person events can be costly, online events aren’t. Here are seven online event ideas event management students can organize:

Virtual Conference:

A virtual conference brings together industry experts, pros, and students to share knowledge on events. Choose a relevant theme like "Innovation in Events" or "Sustainable Event Practices." Invite speakers, organize panels, and hold interactive sessions like Q&As and networking breaks. Leverage a reliable video platform and promote through social media and email.

Online Workshop Series:

Create a series of online workshops targeting specific event skills like budgeting, vendor relations, and design. Identify experts in each area to lead sessions. Make workshops 60-90 minutes with a mix of presentations, demos, and hands-on work. Use a learning platform or webinar tool to host and provide resources and activities.

Virtual Networking Gathering:

Networking is key for event students. Host a virtual gathering where students can connect with industry pros, alums, and peers. Use a platform like Remo for small group and 1-on-1 interactions. Plan icebreakers, speed networking, and themed breakout rooms to spark meaningful bonds. Encourage exchanging contact info and follow-ups.

Virtual Fundraiser:

Organize a virtual fundraiser supporting an event-related cause like a student scholarship. Choose a format suiting your cause, such as an online auction, talent show, or peer-to-peer campaign. Use a fundraising platform like GoFundMe to collect donations and promote them through social media and email.

Online Panel Chat:

Host an online panel featuring event pros, managers, and top college alums. Select a resonant topic like “Navigating Event Industry Jobs” or “Future Event Trends.” Moderate the chat by asking thoughtful questions and encouraging audience participation via Q&A and polls. Record and share the session on college channels.

Virtual Career Fair:

Partner with event companies to host a virtual career fair for students. Have employers set up virtual booths to showcase their brand, share opportunities, and interact with students via chat or video. Provide a platform for students to share resumes/portfolios. Offer pre-event workshops on resumes and interviewing.

Final Thoughts:

Planning online events gives hands-on practice and helps you build a stand-out portfolio. Taking the lead on these activities shows passion, creativity, and leadership. So, don’t hold yourself back just because you’re still studying. Organize relevant events, gain experience, and position yourself for more opportunities after completing your event management course. Remember, a company will always choose a graduate with hands-on experience vs. someone who doesn’t have the necessary experience. What’s more, they might even be willing to pay you more.