What does life present to us?

A series of challenging events. Isn’t it?. However, this statement finds a completely different implementation when you choose to pursue a career in Event Management and Experiential Marketing; because it gives you the opportunity to conceptualize, create, define, and implement enthralling and unforgettable events. If you desire to be a member of this vibrant industry, you need imagination, creativity, dedication, meticulousness, and above all, passion. Our lives are crowded with personal events like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding ceremonies as well as entertainment events like music concerts, award shows, and sports activities. To talk about marketing events like product launches and activations that influence consumer behavior, they are a part of every marketer’s media mix. As individuals and corporates, both Government and private, seek to maximize and amplify these experiences, demand for the right talent in this industry is rising rapidly.

Our Industries

Event Management is a booming industry in the services sector. The Indian organized events segment grew 10% in 2019 and is expected to continue growing in scale and importance over the next few years.
At AIEM, we deliver training with a global perspective in tune with the evolving nature of the Media & Entertainment business with industry-relevant, job-oriented training and an experiential-transfer approach. we welcome you all to AIEM and we are confident that you’re learning here will pave the way to a glorious future for each one of you!